In these hectic days we spend driving, walking, doing chores, etc., I find that one of the most motivational and efficient additions to my time is to listen to a podcast. I would like to share with you the most informative and motivational health and healing podcast that I have found.  It is by a … More Podcasts

Spring thoughts

Here in North Carolina, spring is booming (and blooming).  Daffodils are in full force, crocuses, red buds are starting, spring peepers are calling all day and night, turtles are roaming, and spirits are rising. My reading lately has inspired me to remember the oneness of all things.  Stephen Harrod Buhner’s book, The Secret Teachings of … More Spring thoughts

On life and death

I’ve thought frequently about life and death.   Certainly those of us who are alive face the inevitability of our body’s death at some unknown future point.  But why?  Why must our bodies deteriorate?  Why must trees get old and die?   Why must foxes slow in their speed and strength and new foxes come … More On life and death

Be Light.

I wrote this a couple of years ago, and I’ve had it on my site on the front page for a while.   I’ll leave it here as a blog post for now.  Blessings to all! Connect with spirit. Be grateful for your food. Be grateful for each breath you take. Walk lightly on the … More Be Light.


Hello everyone! September, 2012 update:  I have been on hiatus from frequent posting as I have welcomed a new baby into my life.   She is now more than a year old, and I’ll soon be back seeing clients, teaching classes, and writing!   I’ve missed everyone, though this has been a precious time for … More hiatus

May 18th: International day for blessings of the earth’s water

May 18th, 2010, has been declared an international day of prayer for the earth’s water. This is led by the Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers – perhaps our most esteemed and wise council on the earth today. They give me hope, and they strengthen my resolve to continue to reach out to all people I can with … More May 18th: International day for blessings of the earth’s water