I am proud to offer Equilibrium Nutrition’s functional medicine labs and supplements through my private Integrative Health practice.   Though I’ve already studied with Duke Integrative Medicine to be an Integrative Health Coach, I’m currently studying with Dr. Stephen Cabral, founder of Equilibrium nutrition, to become certified as an Integrative Health Practitioner.   I believe his work is changing the world by offering natural, non-pharmaceutical approaches to correct the imbalances, deficiencies, and toxicities which contribute to a “dis-ease” state in our bodies.  These labs give you the data you need to start addressing these imbalances, and the correcting protocols we follow have been proven by more than 250,000 client appointments to be efficacious.  Please email me at if you have any questions and we can set up a free twenty minute phone conversation to give you an idea of Functional Medicine practices.

To order my recommended labs or supplements, please click this Equilibrium Nutrition link:

Equilibrium Nutrition Labs and Supplements